Please note that the information provided below is provided as a convenience and is not to be considered an endorsement of the company.



Please review the information below. It is designed to answer many of the most common questions. Please note that the specific location where the vehicles are located in Alaska are unable to answer any questions related to any vehicle. They are only available to provide a preview. They are not able to answer any questions related to a vehicles condition, and auction processes. In the event that the information below doesn't answer your questions please feel free to contact us at 208-463-8250.

Similarly Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho is unable to answer questions related to the condition of the vehicle. Our function in the process is administrative. 

Understanding that many of your questions are related to vehicle condition it makes attending the preview imperative. In the case of the Anchorage vehicles this facility provides a preview on Monday and Tuesday, immediately before the sale ends, from 10 am to 4 pm at the address provided in the listing. It is not necessary to set an appointment, therefore no call is needed. Just show up. In the event that you are unable to attend the preview in person, a contact for 3rd party inspection has been provided below. This contact was obtained by mapquesting the vehicle location address then clicking nearby then searching for mechanics. In the event that they are unable to provide the services you require you can use the same process to determine a different source.


  • Shipping to the lower 48 Contact:

Bill Wright with Wrightway Auto Carriers 907-205-4998

Ken Gitter President ISE Logistics Ventures (907) 947-5710

You will need to contact each company above for specific shipping costs that apply to you. Keep in mind that it isn't uncommon to pay $1,700 to ship a vehicle from Anchorage to the Port of Tacoma. Again you will need to ask the shipping companies above as to the specific costs as they can vary considerable. Some vehicles may need to be de-fueled in order to meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements. The shipping contacts, as well as the 3rd party inspection maybe able to provide you with contact information or someone able to perform this service, or maybe it's a service they provide. You might also inquire as to costs from the vehicle location to the port.

  • 3rd party vehicle inspection Contact:

Reformed Automotive at 1939 E 5th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501 :(907) 222-9950 

Keep in mind, as with any G.S.A. preview you are not able to drive any of the vehicles. You can start them, put your foot on the brake and put them in forward / reverse. If you or the company providing the 3rd party inspection has access to a vehicle scan device you should review current or history codes if applicable, engine hours etc. Helpful information should include fuel level (to aid you in possible de-fueling), as well as vehicle dimensions ( for shipping purposes)

Vehicle Equipment / specifics. Neither the vehicle location nor the auction facility can provide specifics on equipment. Your best source for this information is by contacting your local parts department for the specific brand of vehicle. Provide them with the last 8 of the vehicles Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.). They can pull up the vehicle build sheet which shows all of the equipment and specifics you may require. In some cases they maybe able to fax the information to you.

Payment is due within 48 hours of sale. Payment is by credit card or E.F.T. Electronic Funds Transfer. Payment can be made either by calling us, or using the link in your email provided by G.S.A. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ  items A, B, C below.

Removal is within 10 days. Storage is not available. 


  • The State of Alaska requires a 6 day temporary registration in order to drive the vehicle away. Contact your local Alaska DMV for assistance with the permit.
  • Payment is required within 48 hours of sale. Payment can be made by either Credit Card or E. F. T. (Electronic Funds Transfer) wire. Please see note below.
  • Vehicles Purchased from Alaska and shipped to the lower 48 will require a maximum of 1/4 tank of fuel. In the event that the vehicle has more than a 1/4 of a tank the buyer is responsible to have the fuel removed at their expense.


A). Department of the Treasury's has REDUCED the total daily credit card transaction limit, per card, to $24,999. With this in mind individuals who might exceed this amount will need to pay via Electronic Funds Transfer E.F.T.
B).  NOTE: It is the responsibility for the card holder to verify with your credit card company how much available credit you have, as well as any restrictions that may cause your card to be refused. This includes maximum daily credit card charge limits. In the event that your credit card is refused you will be required to pay for your purchases with a different payment method.
C). Online buyer's who pay with a credit card(s)! If picked up in person you must have a valid government issued I.D. (driver's license, I.D. ) as well as the
credit card(s) used with them when the purchase(s) are picked up. If you won't pick up the vehicle up in person, you must provide a notarized letter authorizing the release of the vehicle (specifying year, make, model, V.I.N.) that specifies the name the individual / transport company picking up the vehicle(s), as well as the individuals Driver's License Number and Issuing State. The purchaser must provide us with an ENLARGED copy of their drivers license, as well as an ENLARGED copy of the credit card(s) used to pay for the purchase. PLEASE BLACK OUT ALL OF THE CREDIT CARD DIGITS EXCEPT THE LAST 4 BEFORE SUBMITTING TO US. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 208-463-8250 or GSA@DAAOFIDAHO.COM