I want to begin by welcoming you to Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho and thank you for choosing us. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you the highest quality of service in the Northwest. If at any point you do not feel we are living up to those standards please see me immediately. The following policies are in place to serve both the buyer and seller. Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho acts solely as a neutral party. We will deal honestly and fairly with all parties involved. I hope you find your business dealings with us both satisfying and profitable.


Russ Smith

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General Auction Policies


As a N.A.A.A. member auction Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho subscribes to the N.A.A.A. Standards (accessable here), with the exceptions identified below.
  1. Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho will act as equal agent for both the buyer, seller and authorized representatives. We reserve the right to interpret and enforce these policies. By registering at D. A. A. of Idaho the registering dealer and representatives agree to all terms of these policies. These policies are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Failure to abide by these policies may result in the revocation of auction privileges.
  2. In addition to reimbursement of any and all expenses incurred by Dealers Auto Of Idaho, the following fees also apply; Voluntary reposession fee $175, $50 redemption fee, *$25 day storage, $20 Condition Report.*All units on Dealers Auto of Idaho premisis. 
  3. The consignor is responsible for all declarations and that the correct lights are lit on consigned vehicles. The auction is not responsible for declarations made across the block. This includes, but is not limited to: AutoCheck, CarFax, N.M.V.T.I.S. etc. reports. Vehicles not declared accurately will be subject to auction policies. Consignor shall be responsible for all expenses, including but not limed to, AutoCheck, Carfax, N.M.V.T.I.S. etc. on all arbitrated or canceled sales in relation to the auction policies.
  4. The auction assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the odometer nor the validity of the mileage statement of the consignor.
  5. All consigned units must have negotiable titles. Salvage certificates will not be accepted. M.S.O.'s will be accepted if declared properly.
  6. A buyer has the right to return a frame, substantial hidden damage, or misrepresented vehicle within 7 calendar days, 30 days flood damage, sale day included, of the purchase date. Once verified the consignor will repurchase the vehicle and be responsible for all verified reasonable expenses. These expenses will not exceed $500 unless authorized by the auction. Instances of gross misrepresentation, as determined by the auction on a case by case basis, will not be subjected to the 7 day rule.
  7. Any vehicle whose engine has been replaced that converts it from the O.E.M. fuel type must be declared.
  8. Anti-lock brake systems are only arbitratable if the repair is more than $600. The repair cost will exclude rotors, calipers, pads, drums, master cylinders, shoes, brake booster, wheel cylinders and/or hydraulic lines.
  9. Air bags in vehicles originally equipped so must be functional and present or announced accordingly. The "AS IS" vehicle declaration does not include airbags. A separate "Air Bags AS IS" announcement must be if an airbag light is on and / or missing, deployed, or not functional.
  10. All repossessions or fleet lease vehicles are sold as is, sale day guarantee only. Day of sale arbitration only. Frame, flood, substantial hidden damage are not arbitratable after the day of the sale for these vehicles.
  11. All vehicles placed on an OFFER are valid until End of Business on Sale day. Once on an offer a buyer must allow the auction to work the offer and can't request to be removed from the offer unless they seller counters at an amount higher than the initial offer.
  12. All vehicles must be paid for on sale day. Any vehicle not paid for will be charged $10 a day. The auction reserves the right to place vehicles not paid for on available flooring lines without buyers approval. Vehicles floored with a flooring company, who is located out of state, will have an additional $10 per unit charge.
  13. Purchased vehicles must be removed from the lot with in 10 days of purchase. Any vehicle still on the lot after 10 days will be charged $10 a day.
  14. All green light guarantee vehicles not equipped with A/C will be subject to arbitration on current year and one year older.
  15. A/C defects are not covered under arbitration policies on all green light guarantee vehicles 3 years old and older.
  16. Dealers of Idaho will not be responsible for theft, fire, hail, collision or any other damage to vehicles on our property. The legal owner  assumes any and all risks related to any damages for vehicle(s) at auction. This includes storage, in transit and transportation of vehicles. Auction may provide bidding assistance upon special request.  Auction will not be held liable for errors made by auction employees when buyers request bidding assistance.
  17. Dealers of Idaho will not be responsible for damage due to inclement weather. It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure all units are winterized, including boats and RV's.
  18. All returned checks are subject to a $200 handling fee. All returned drafts and checks must be honored within 24 hours or a notice may be sent to the dealership bonding company and the DMV.
  19. All vechicle purchases must be paid for day of sale. Failure to pay within guidelines will result in an additional charge of $105 per week.
  20. Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho's odometer disclosure requirements are consistent with State of Idaho and Federal Odometer disclosure requirements. The following are proper declarations for mileage: Actual, Not Actual, Miles in Excess, or Exempt. There will be a mileage announcement on all vehicles. Non running units will be sold as is with Not Actual Miles. Any odometer replacements must be declared by state law and have a state issued sticker on the vehicle.  These vehicles will be declared "not actual miles".
  21. Drive type is not announced. However, if a 4X2 multipurpose, utility-type vehicle or pickup has been altered in appearance or stance to resemble a 4X4, a 4X2 announcement will be required. Examples also include: new badges, raised suspension, and off-road tires.
  22. Referencing N.A.A.A. Arbitration Policy Section V2 January 1, 2011 the seller must inform the auction that a vehicle is of Canadian History if the vehicle is 5 years or newer. Current N.A.A.A. Canadian history disclosure requirements are not recognized.
  23. ATTENTION ALL DEALERS: Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho does not subscribe to CARFAX. The auction will not get involved in any discrepancy regarding CARFAX. VINs are available for each vehicle prior to purchase. If you use CARFAX, please do your homework ahead of time.

As Is Units

  1. Any unit selling on an offer, not initiated at the block when the vehicle runs across the block will be "AS-IS" unless otherwise indicated. Offers within the guidelines will carry the standard 7 day frame, and substantial hidden damage guarantee.
  2. Any unit that sells for $3,000 or less or is 10 model years or older will be sold "AS-IS". This includes frame, substantial hidden damage and Flood damage.
  3. Any vehicle selling for $3025 or more and announced "AS-IS", miles in excess of 75,000 will carry a 7 day frame, and misrepresentation guarantee. In instances of gross misrepresentation, as determined by the auction on a case by case basis, will not be subjected to the 7 day rule.
  4. All units declared to be fleet lease or repossessions will be sold with a day of sale guarantee only. Arbitration will be allowed on sale day only, including frame, flood, substantial hidden damage, etc.
  5. Non runner sale. All units sold as non runners or red-light will be sold "AS-IS" no arbitration
  6. Following any price adjustment through arbitration, the vehicle becomes "AS-IS". No further arbitration for mechanical issues.


  1. Core support damage or replacement is not sole grounds for sale cancellation.
  2. Welds or holes to the frame to accommodate an accessory that are non collision related such as hitches (installed or removed) are not arbitratable.
  3. Frame damage will be determined by the arbitration department by a visual inspection or professional measurement. Professional measurement is an additional expense.


  1. Any unit selling for $3,050 to $4,000, consignor guarantees the engine, four wheel drive, transmission, transfer case and rear end unless otherwise declared or sold in excess of 75,000 miles or not actual miles.
  2. Optional electronic equipment such as power windows and power seats are not arbitratable.
  3. Homemade units, trailers, RV's, antiques, and boats, etc, carry no guarantee to year, model, length, etc.. These units are strictly 'AS IS' unless guaranteed by the consignor. 
  4. Maintenance items are not guaranteed. These items are brakes, suspension, shocks, mufflers, clutches, tune up related items, etc.
  5. All green light units must have the originally equipped emissions control equipment operational on the day of the sale, or announced otherwise.

Seller Guarantee:

  1. If a vehicle falls into one of the following categories, a seller can elect to green light the vehicle under a seller’s guarantee.  

  2. Over 20 years old
  3. Over 175,000 miles
  4. 6.0 and 6.4 Diesel pick-ups
  5. Electric vehicles
  6. Aftermarket equipment: Turbo’s, supercharger, racing or high performance.
  7. Vehicles unable to be serviced locally: Mini Cooper, Lamborghini, Maserati etc.…
  8. Highline vehicle’s such as but not limited to: AMC H1, Dodge Viper, Mercedes G Wagon, Acura NSX, Ferrari, Mercedes SLR models, Aston Martin, Fisker, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, Audi R8, Ford GT, Nissan GT-R, Bentley, Lamborghini, Panoz, BMW Alpina, Lotus, Porsche 911, BMW i8, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, DMC 12, Maybach, Subaru WRX, Dodge Demon, McClaren, Tesla.
  9. Any vehicle that falls into one of the categories above, whether announced or not, will be a seller guarantee. The seller will not be paid until the post-sale time has passed (day 8 or day 15).

    The buyer and seller should be aware that the seller bears all financial responsibility in the case of a successful arbitration claim by the buyer on any such vehicle. The auction will bear no financial responsibility on any such vehicle, regardless of whether the vehicle has a post-sale inspection or information is listed in error on a pre-sale run listing, online condition report or any other vehicle information.


  1. Vehicles with fewer than 100,000 miles and are less than ten years old carry a green light and frame guarantee automatically, once the car reaches $3000 or more. Vehicles will be arbitrated based on Auction Arbitration Policies. If the vehicle fails the inspection the buyer is responsible for the BP charge and any diagnostic time.
  2. Any vehicle that is green lighted by the seller will carry a full guarantee, including frame. This can be placed on any vehicle regardless of price, age or miles. Vehicles will be arbitrated based on Auction Arbitration Policies. If this vehicle fails the seller is responsible for any diagnostic time and a $500 rejection fee as determined by the auction.


  1. When a buyer believes a vehicle has been misrepresented or is not working properly they must request arbitration in writing. The arbitration manager will resolve the issue. If it is determined that there is a problem the arbitration manager will attempt repair, price adjustment or sale cancellation.
  2. Any repair item under $800, is not arbitrable and is the responsibility of the buyer not to exceed 1600 in combined arbitrable repairs.  Any single repair over $801 is the responsibility of the seller.  If seller agrees to repair the vehicle and it can be done prior to the following sale the vehicle will remain sold.
  3. In the event that the consignor agrees to repair the unit, the repairs are not extensive and it can be done in a timely manner, the unit will remain sold.
  4. If a sale is canceled for any reason the consignor will be responsible for the auction sale fee and a sale rejection fee.
  5. Arbitration will not be allowed on Jeeps, Durango's and Dakotas for drive train noise.  This is considered normal wear or factory defect.


  1. Dealers of Idaho must receive a clear, negotiable title on all sold units within 15 calendar days of sale date. If not received in allotted time the sale is subject to cancellation and the consignor will be responsible for reasonable expenses incurred by the purchaser up to $500 not including auction related fees and transport.  Receipts must be provided.  Vehicles must be returned in like or better condition. Vehicles that are returned with miles in excess of 200 miles when purchased will be charged .20 cents a mile to the buyer. There may be additional charges for excessive mileage on a returned vehicle. The auction reserves the right to impose additional penalties if justified.
  2. The sellers responsibility ends when the title is received by the auction. The auctions responsibility ends when the title is given to or mailed to the buyer or their dealership.
  3. A buyer may give written 72 hour notice for late title 15 days after the sale. Verbal notice is not adequate. If a title can be produced to Dealers of Idaho within 72 hours counting open business days (not weekends or auction closed holidays), the vehicle will remain sold.
  4. All units with branded titles must be declared across the block as to such brands.
  5. The following title documents are not acceptable: Foreign title documents, Junk bills of sale, duplicate title applications, lien documents and government documents that are not 50 State title documents.
  6. Dealers of Idaho will provide titles in accordance with Idaho state regulations governing vehicle titles. All out of state buyers are responsible for meeting their individual state requirements.
  7. Titles will be guaranteed to be free of brands unless otherwise announced. Buyer must notify auction within 30 days from the date buyer receives the title to report undeclared brands. Titles are not guaranteed free of brands after 30 days from date the title has been received. Third party reporting services are not solely grounds for termination. All brands must be confirmed by the DMV.


Ask your sales representative for more information. Take advantage of our buyer protection program and buy with confidence.





By registering, or attending auction, you acknowledge and agree that you authorize Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho to release, at its discretion, information that includes but is not limited to; account information, specific or global transaction details to 3rd parties necessary in the course of business.  Some examples, not all inclusive, transaction information to flooring finance companies, vehicle history services, guide book services, dealer registration service, transport companies, or other businesses that offer services that may benefit the company / individual.


  1. Online Buyer will inspect the vehicle immediately upon arrival at Buyer’s location. The Buyer must notify DAA of any physical condition report discrepancies of over $600 within two days of receipt or 10 days from purchase, whichever comes first. (Note: Discrepancies that can be addressed for less than $600 are not eligible for resolution)
  2. DAA will not arbitrate physical damage on vehicles that do not have a full condition report.
  3. Pictures of damage, whether in the CR, or the vehicle photos, will be considered as damage disclosure, no line item is needed.
  4. Missing exterior or interior parts/accessories are not covered.

Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho reserves the right to change any / all terms and conditions at any time with or without notice.

Regarding accounts not in good standing, as determined by Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho, these terms and conditions do not apply. This includes any / all Terms and Conditions that may be referenced. This includes, but is not limited to, Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho, or N.A.A.A. policies. Applicability of any Terms and Conditions will be determined by Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho. We elect and may elect to implement any method(s) necessary to bring an account into “good standing”. Any vehicle 20 years and older that are seller guaranteed green light are sold on a sellers guarantee regardless of pre/post sale inspection by DAA of Idaho. The seller will not be paid until the 7-14 day inspection time has passed or as determined approved by Dealers Auto Auto Auction of Idaho.