Bidders using US Bank accounts:
To write a personal or business check for vehicle purchases against funds drawn on and payable from your financial institution, a Letter of Guarantee must be submitted with your application to approve your desired bid limit and verify account information and available funds. You must pay for vehicle purchases with a check written or a wire transfer against this account only. No other checks will be accepted.  

Bank Drafts are not accepted.

Bidders using non-US Bank accounts or individuals planning to wire US funds:
Letters must be written on Bank letterhead using the 'Non-US Bidder or Wire Transfer Customers' format below. You may also use another form of payment in US funds only. Personal or Business checks drawn on Canadian bank accounts cannot be accepted.
Please Note: Due to the enormous annual increase in Bidder Registration it is imperative that these Bank Letter formats are followed explicitly to prevent delays in the approval process.

DATE:  Date of Letter


TO:  Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho

3323 Port Street
Nampa, Id 83687
 Bidder's Name or Bidder's Name & Company Name

This letter shall serve as your notification that (BANK NAME) will honor/guarantee payment of any checks written by (BIDDER NAME) up to the amount of (BIDDING LIMIT), drawn on account (ACCOUNT NUMBER), This guarantee of checks apply only to Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho for all the purchases made. No stop payment will be issued.


If further information is needed, please feel free to contact this office.

(Bank Officer Signature)
(Bank Officer Name & Title)
(Bank Officer Telephone Number)